Houston Police Department - Online Citizen Alert

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of alerts can I report online?
Use the on-line alert reporting service for non-emergency requests that you would like to bring to the attention of the officer's who work in your neighborhood! This includes notifications to watch your house while on vacation, persistent speeding vehicles, suspicious persons or activity that occur frequently but do not pose an immediate threat and other similar situations that do not require an officer's immediate attention.

What is the security ID for?
We want to insure requests are coming from ligitimate sources. We only respond to the same email address that was entered in the orignal request. It is import you use this email address and the security ID you receive in the return email to login and complete your request.

Will someone contact me regarding my request.
You request is forwarded to the patrol station that services your neighborhood. It will be assisgned to one or more officers who patrol in that area. They will not contact you unless that require more information. When you submit your request you will be provided the patrol station name and contact number. You can call the station to provide additional information or inquire on the it's status.